warping windows creak, leaking widow’s tears,
painfully kept in swelling wood,
housing growing fears,
because they could, power said they would,
liars and crooks and husbands,
shaking the world around,
study all your books and look to the past,
never consume them desires,
fuel raging mental fires,
headlong you’ll sprint, lungs burning, eyes red,
bloodshot bombshells and sex games,
rot and rot and rot,
help’s only giving substance to your bon mots,
reject all people’s cares and demons,
because none are self aware,
consuming everyone weak inside to the out,
some fall in less than a week,
separate strong from meek,
dwindling rugged fools entrench the old rules,
giant roots but no one grows,
materials suck nutrients,
drained minds sucked empty never wander far away,
home is no sanctuary here,
but a wretched place bound by desolation and fear

The headache recedes and we’re back now, fake necessities humbling a hurting mind.  Empirical gains all are green with envy for the quota.  Imprinted pysches with the wrong articles, words, and truths.  Trick or treat consumerism, but just wine and dine and we’ll all be fine.  Heads are down, but eyebrows raised, don’t say a word or bitch and moan or cry about any sort of change, even nickels.  Go back and remember pops bassy brass clanking at the range.  Idealism becomes surrealism, fuck-ups, tripes, and hypocrasies.  Truth absent, the world is rife.  Remove pain from life and just treat some symptoms, take it easy.  Indifference is easy.  Born here, we’re blessed and cursed with the trump card of almighty and epic proportions.  Card carrying white collar thieves run us, bereaving everyone below their radar with flicks of their masturbation laden gold-watched wrists.

And we have put up with this shit.


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