The sky was blue, but the power was still out.  The cars drove by, dodging trees, organic obstacles, people.  Water and blood wash the streets of their manmade oil and grime to pristine gold and God smiles down, his reflection enters the metaverse.  Marty saw a clear blue sky.  Susie saw angels come to reign.  Ebibo from Africa, for him, it rained fish and milk.  Jack saw Nascar and the Earth revolved around.  Personal Heaven.

Carnagal beauty and tragic death existing.  Universal harmony.  Energy of the stars, a giant heist, big theft.  Bank robbers burst out of buildings.  No cops will stop them, they won’t come around here no more.  Money won’t matter.  They cry.

Mailmen read everyone’s mail if they can still read, if they still have their sight.  Cats and dogs fight over the children’s eyes, they fell out rotting in greed while staring at the sky.  Meows, cawing, selfless woofs.  Blood, bones, debris, leaves a golden colored rust, manfluence gone, utterly gone.  Still is the cat while she caws.

Crosses and graves emptied to the stars.  Floating by their toenails to their heavenly seat.  On what wonder and joy shall they all met?  God.  The end of Physical Existence.


1 Comment

  1. zfarrow said,

    October 26, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    Heavy and awesome. One of the best things you’ve written, brother.

    Is this part of that belief thing that upstarted?

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