mischeivers in every tent

days of not dreaming
and it’s been too long,
crumbs are everywhere,
I have eaten everything,
I have eaten everyone,
I am still thin,
too fragile in mood and mind,
days of not dreaming,
and it’s

power seeking is incarnating the weakest hour,
weakness incarnate,
rare is love like the calcified,
porous bones
of a four-winged bird
after a sudden bloody apocalypse,
the ground strewn with humanity,
it’s legacy,
tall grayed buildings
the facade game,
failed fecundity lessons,
tall grayed buildings,
calm and serene,
we are not here,
too frustrated and impatient,
two peaks,
two valleys,
infinite rolling plains,
global goodhearted strangers
all judged wrong,
trust theft lasts forever,
all leaves fall and crumple
and die,
shredded by invisible
sporulent thieving ghosts,
saviors seep back where they came,
never really here,
making everything possible,

I am a leaf,
you are a leaf,
fall gracefully,
careening from side to side,
stay afloat eternally,
see everything,
meters upon meters of infinite space,

plunk to the ground
in seconds,
wet with greed
bad luck and dirty water,
where meaning eludes life,
those are unable to love,

love is never lost on those,
fall with a thud,
love is never lost on those,
they crumple,
love is never lost on those,
and die.


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