Short Circuit Firefly

you’re flickering decadence
a bulb’s decline
undying buzz behind my ears
occupy nearly every mind
flee when I come near
your unpredictable and short ellipse
up close impossible to predict.

and these bright watercolor yellows
project a lonely soaring star,
and a deliriously deep definition of far
fights to preserve your every shimmer
fights to make you brighter than you are

far is less beautiful when your shine dims
so cosmic firefly don’t be short
let’s walk and talk and be forever
live long after the sun comes up
it’ll drown you out to everyone but

we’ll sit and think and have our coffee,
new sky drowning the window gazer’s
dream star remnants of the night before
now invisible that heavenly body you once were,
deep inside me you’re always still out there
and i’m still pitching a deep black
until you burn out
until you burn me out


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